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Coordinator – Blankcon

In IO1, the development, testing and evaluation of a model/approach (BBE competence navigator) for capturing and describing required competences for a Bio-Based Economy is carried out. The basis for it is databases (ESCO) and databases with learning and training materials and extended expert/industry surveys. This will also be done in reference with the DigiComp 2.1 framework. 

It will lead to a set of 40 most essential competences in BBE. A description of the most important competences and skills can be found here.

After defining these competences they were rated by importance by experts from companies and universities. The results can be found here.

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Coordinator – SBUC

BioComp will develop different learning scenarios as an on/off-line/blended (practical) tool, where (potential) trainees can check which competences they have and which are still missing, and which scenario will help them to fulfill the gap. The basis for this analysis is formed by the clusters of the 40 most important competences, as identified in IO1. The tool will propose them with an individualised training program. They can choose some specific learning scenarios, which fit to their needs and their level (EQF 3-5). These scenarios will include new technologies like Augmented Reality. Each learning scenario measures the added didactic value for the trainee, for the activities carried out by the trainee.

The result of IO2 is a module portfolio for a blended learning course in the areas of BBE.

The modules can found at our navigator platform for teachers and students.

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Coordinator – UCT

The result of IO3 is a best practice guide, which serves as an instrument for quality assurance for the use of blogs, wikis, forums, learning videos and AR in BBE (classroom and companies) beyond the project duration.

A1 Project Management Handbook page 13 of 30 It contains all the information required for the preparation, implementation and monitoring of relevant sessions. The handbook is, in addition to the blended learning offer, the instrument with which future partners can be integrated into the activities of BioComp (sustainability and distribution).

The Good practice can found at our navigator platform for teachers and students.

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