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Impressions from our TPM in Brussels

It was for me a special moment, after so many online meetings, to be in real in Brussels for our final TPM. Near to the European Parliament, it gave me the right European feeling. Also, a special moment, when I realize that our project has reached its end. Two years with cooperation with all partners has […]

Multiplier events

Multiplier events were held in early 2022 in Bulgaria, Czechia, Germany, Greece, and Romania. They are national promotion events to launch the results created in the project to teachers and trainers. An international promotion event is planned for end of March 2022 in Brussels to tap into an extensive transnational network. The events had the […]

Use of BIOCOMP in Romania

The draft versions of the Biocomp modules are tested by students in Oradea in Romania through our partner ProTime R association. Techer Delia Mela contacted several companies an they confirmed that they are positive about hiring new personal with bio-based competences. The regional and national news reported about BIOCOMP and our main subjects. Link to […]

Our meeting in Athens

After a long time because of the COVID pandemic we were very happy to meet each other again face to face in October at the University of West Attica in Athens. We discussed our progress and concluded that we are on track to finish all our intellectual outputs. A regional Romanian newspaper Biohoreanul was even […]

Virtual project meeting

The second transnational meeting had to take place online on 08.-09.10.2020 due to ongoing travel restrictions during the pandemic. The meeting was organized by SBG Dresden and was held with the videoconferencing tool Microsoft teams. In separate working groups 13 persons from the BioComp partners discussed for two days about the learning contents for Algae, […]

Learning scenarios on Navigator

We are proud to announce the readers of the BioComp website that the learning scenarios for the BBE course as well as for Algae are ready and placed on the Navigator website. After an evaluation process by experts and teachers, they are ready to be used by others. Both scenarios start with a module about […]