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BioComp Navigator available

Focus of our project is the bio-based economy (BBE). Our first task was to identify what workers need to know about new jobs in this growing sector. We have identified these competences in a few sectors of BBE: Production of Algae Biogas Cereals for bio-packaging Setting up a BBE company One of the outcomes of […]

Progress so far

This project started in October last year, with a meeting in Prague. Our host was UCT Prague, who has the lead in this project. Partners are from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands and Romania. Focus of our project is the bio-based economy (BBE). We identify what workers need to do and […]

Project start-up in Prague

During December, 5 the BioComp-partners met for the first time at the University of Chemical Technology in Praque. A good start with nice stories and presents related to the different cultural habits celebrating Saint Nicholas in all the partner countries. The program and short minutes of the meeting can be found at the Meeting page.

All about ESCO

ESCO is a main starting point of the BioComp project. But what is ESCO? What is the aim of ESCO? And, why is it needed. The most important basic are discussed in this article. ESCO stands for European Skills/Competencies, qualifications and Occupations. It is a European Commission project, run by Directorate General Employment, Social Affairs […]